The Best Migraine Diary Apps

migraine diary appsOver the past few weeks I have been testing migraine diary apps, wellness apps and other apps to find the best tool to maintain a digital migraine diary.

For more on other ways to keep a migraine diary.

Wow – talk about a difference in quality!

I don’t believe there is one perfect one (I might have to work on changing that!), but there are a few that can help you discover your migraine triggers and learn more about your migraines.

Here are the ones that I tried and my take on them.


I had big hopes for this one, but in the end did not find it easy to review the data.  The good part of this app is that you really can track anything and quickly see a graph for the frequency.  What I could not do was track daily food and see notes quickly.  The purpose of a migraine log is to narrow in on triggers, and it is tough to do that if you cannot record intake of food.

My Fitness Pal

I love this app for tracking food and exercise, but it does not have a way for you to track your migraines, or non food/exercise items.  To be fair it is not really designed for this.  One way you can use this is to pair it with iheadache for the tracking of the actual migraine.  The other thing I tried was using the notes section to gather the information that it did not have a specific place for.


This is a great app! It allows you to track so many of the factors that are typically recommended.  Examples include: triggers, when the migraine started, when it ended, what medications you took and severity level.  The best part of this app is that you can then create a report for a specified time period that will summarize your migraines.  This can be emailed or just pulled up on the app.  To me this is great because you can quickly show your doctor what is going on with your migraines.

The report came as a page of summary information with a spreadsheet attachment.

My biggest complaint about this app is that when tracking triggers you have to do it after you have consumed an item and it has caused a migraine.  The problem with this is you can’t always remember and you are never quite sure how far to go back to see what you ate that might be a pattern.  You could solve this by using it in conjunction with My Fitness Pal.

Migraine Diary by Net Workz LLC

This is another one that is really easy to use.  You enter each migraine as a separate entry.  It allows you to track many of the same things as IHeadache including time, intensity, medication, symptoms and triggers.  It does not come with many pre-filled items to choose from, but it really is easy to add more selections.  This one also allows you to share with others via email.  The email comes with a TXT attachment that you can either open that way or open with excel to be in a spreadsheet format.

Overall I think I would have to recommend iHeadache but only slightly more than Migraine Diary.  Since neither can track food on a daily basis, it came down to two decisions for me ease of getting the information in the app and then ease of getting the information back to me in an easily digested format.

While Migraine Diary was easier to use and I would recommend for the less tech savvy, the reports on iHeadache had a bit more ease of use to them and ultimately that is what you want the app for – to be able to review the information that you are putting in!

Do you use a migraine app to help track your migraines?  Which one do you use and why do you like it?

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